February 6, 2017

Carpet / Upholstery Prices

Carpets (prices estimated on average size townhouse)

1 Bedroom R350

2 Bedrooms R550

3 Bedrooms R750

1 Bedroom/Lounge R580

2 Bedrooms/Lounge R780

3 Bedrooms/lounge R880

3 Bedrooms/lounge/Dining-room R1050

4 Bedrooms/lounge R1050

4 Bedrooms/Lounge/ Dining-room R1250

Extras like passage, study room attract additional cost depending on the size.

Price starts at R75.

Staircase from R250

Loose carpets from R150 each

Persian/oriental rugs from R250 each

Per sqm price (domestic), R23/m2

Per sqm price (commercial/residential)

50-100m2 R14.00/m2

100-250m2 R12.00/m2

250-400m2 R10.00/m2

400-550m2 R9.50/m2

550-700m2 R9.00/m2

700-1000m2 R8.50/m2

1000m2 and above R6 to R8.00/m2

N/B. Carpets that are severely dirty may require a deep cleaning method in order to get them clean again. It takes more effort, cleaning materials and time. Price will be confirmed after assessment before service is rendered. MIN CHARGE OF R450 APPLIES


Upholstery cleaning prices (normal size only)

Armchair R175.00

1 seater couch R200.00

2 Seater R250.00

3 Seater R350.00

2×2 seater R450.00

3 and 2 seaters R500.00

3,2 and 1 seater R650.00

7 seater corner suite R850.00

Prices exclude loose cushions which start from R20 each and also depend on the size and condition of the couch.

  1. Couches are made of different sizes.

Small Ottoman (50×50 cm) R60.00

Medium Ottoman (80×80 cm) R90.00

Large Ottoman (110×110 cm) R120.00

Dining chairs Seat & full backrest R75.00

Seat & half backrest R60.00

Seat only R30.00

Office chairs

Typist chair R60.00

Medium chair R75.00

Executive chair R90.00

Sleeper couch 2 seaters with upholstered metal frame R300.00

3 seater with upholstered metal frame R450.00

1 seater folded foam couch R220.00

2 seater folded foam couch R420.00


Single R200.00

Three quarter R220.00

Double R250.00

Queen R300.00

King R350.00

Mattress base

Single R120.00

Three quarter R150.00

Double  R180.00

Queen R210.00

King R240.00

Mattress headboard free when we clean mattress and the base.



Masterguard( Scotchguard ) Fabric protection

3 Piece Jumbo lounge suite (3/2/1) R1200.00

3Piece medium lounge suite (3/2/1) R900.00

5 seater lounge suite (2/2/1) R700.00

3 Seater R400.00

2 Seater R350.00

Armchair/Recliner R250.00

Mattresses (masterguard)

Single R400.00

Double R500.00

Queen R600.00

King R750.00

Headboard (masterguard)

Single R200.00

Double R250.00

Queen R320.00

King R370.00

Dining room chairs (masterguard)

Seat only R100.00

Seat & back R130.00


N/B. Not sure about the price of your items to be cleaned, kindly send us the picture and price will be given to you instantly. Prices are subject to change depending on the specific condition of the object been attended to. A firm quote is best on site.

Pre or post occupational/spring cleaning requires a site visit in order to assess the property before the quote is given. Call or WhatsApp Cleaning Crew now for all your cleaning service requirements. 071 037 2987.